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Prolights Astra 330 Hybrid



The Astra Hybrid 330 optical system ranges linearly from 3,5° to 52°, and it’s equipped with a large 140mm front lens featuring both an high intensity beam and perfect spotlight, offering a tremendous lumen output and superior evenness compared with other lights in the same category.
The extensive feature set of the Astra Hybrid330 includes functions like aerial effects with a fat and parallel beam and crisp projection textures and pattern effects, with linear CMY, three colour-wheels, an animation wheel, two overlapping prisms, frost and two gobo wheels.

Product Features:

  • Ultra compact hybrid moving light equipped with a 330W LED source
  • Linear zoom ranging from 3,5° to 52°
  • Linear CMY, animation wheel, 2 gobo wheels, 3 colour wheels, 2 overlapping prisms, frost